The pandemic and relationships

Whether it’s family, a romantic relationship, or friendship, there is a chance that the global pandemic has affected it one way or another. With many people facing financial crises and stress, there are predictions that divorce filings might skyrocket after things get back to normal. This might not be an outrageous prediction.

Living together

These could be even harder times for romantic relationships. If the pandemic has forced you and your partner to work remotely from home, you will be spending so much time with your partner, and this has the potential to wear on your nerves quicker than you might think.

It could be helpful to give each other space and treat your day like a typical workday. Talk about each other’s time needs and try to respect them. To maintain productivity, you can spend time together during only breaks or after both of you are done with your shifts.

You and your partner being unable to go out on a date means that you will have to look for other ways to keep the spark alive. You can arrange date nights inside your living room with candles, flowers and some music.

It is essential to understand that these are frustrating times for everyone. Be open to your partner about your emotions. When disagreements arise, listen to your partner and try to navigate the conflicts before things get out of hand.

Rising cases of domestic abuse 

Refuge, an organization providing services to domestic abuse victims, reported a significant spike in visits to its site since the United Kingdom started enforcing lockdown measures. Weekly calls to the organization helpline had also gone up by 66 percent. Most of the victims are women living with violent male partners.

Data collected over time shows that there are usually more violent cases against women in times of economic crisis and during days when families spend time together like during lockdowns. 

Not the time for friendship tests

The pandemic has made having fun with friends next to impossible. If your previous life revolved around the friends you can’t hang out with right now, coping with isolation can be extremely difficult.

Some social media users have been throwing around the sentiment that the pandemic is the time to know your real friends by keeping track of who has reached out to check on you and who hasn’t.

While the sentiment isn’t a hundred percent nonsensical, now is not the time to administer friendship tests. Everyone is experiencing some stress attributed to the pandemic, and maybe their struggles are worse than yours. They could have lost their jobs, houses, or even their loved ones.

If your friend has been uncharacteristically quiet, break the silence. Just like you, they might be waiting for somebody to check upon them. The onus for communication isn’t on one person. Trust your friends and give them the benefit of the doubt. 

Without a doubt, the pandemic has taken a toll on some relationships out there. It isn’t written in stone though, understanding one another and communicating could go a long way in lessening the effects.


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